[talk-au] Mapping Military bases

Andrew Davidson theswavu at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 10:06:09 UTC 2016

(BTW, is there any way of
> searching the list archives, apart from looking at every thread in each
> month?).

1. You can try:

site:lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-au thing I'm looking for

in Google but results are not so reliable.

2. Nabble has a searchable version of the list:


which goes back to June 2008 so the first year of the list is missing

3. The Mail Archive has a searchable version:


which goes back to Feb 2008.

> So, what is the popular consensus here in Oz? Outline the boundary as a
> military area only? Base / Unit names? On-Base memorials / museums? Or
> go the whole way with marking hangars, control towers, radar
> transmitters & so on?

So long as you are not adding anything that will get OSM into trouble 
(copyright violation, things you only know because you're in the 
business but you're not supposed to talk about them...) then knock 
yourself out.

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