[talk-au] Tagging for the router

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 13:41:51 UTC 2016

"I'm assuming you mean the Intersection with Lane Cove Rd.

If so it's not permitted to make a u-turn here anyway, as there is no
sign permitting u-turns at the traffic signals.

So I'd not add it as a restriction as anyone driving there should know
that they can not make a u-turn there."

Ok - since you ask - all routers I just tried , both on osm data and
commercial data allowed the U-turn at the traffic lights at lane cove
road.   So do we contact all known writers of routing software and ask them
to obey the local traffic norms, or do we force their hand and put in the

Actually Gosmore nearly got it right but then spoiled it by doing something
even more stupid immediately afterwards. I think that routing engine need
to be made a lot smarter to handle edge cases where drivers can evaluate
geometry a lot better and accurately than routers.

PS - it is my belief that car navigation is mainly for visitors, not
locals, so I think that routing engines should not try to be aware of local
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