[talk-au] Residential/commercial property boundaries

Ross info at 4x4falcon.com
Sun Jan 3 23:17:52 UTC 2016

I don't believe that the address should be on either the property or the 

Specific example are where you have a 1 million acre property and if you 
map it out and put the address on the boundary way it will show up 
outside the property because of the shape of the property.  If you put 
it on the building it shows up but gives no indication of where the 
property access is and if you attempted to get there you'd just get lost.

I always put address on node preferably where the access to the property is.

examples of these properties are here:


Bauhinia Downs is one and the other is Lorella Springs on the other side 
of the north south road here.

As far as landuse=residential goes I have mapped from different sources 
but rather then mapping individual properties map the whole area of 
residential/retail/industrial etc.

An example here:



On 04/01/16 01:42, Michael Gratton wrote:
> So basically there's no consensus about whether property boundaries 
> should be included or not, but regardless they  won't get rendered 
> anyway.
> I experimented by adding some properties and their addresses for a 
> couple of streets in around Enmore, and Nominatum was able to find the 
> addresses as you'd expect, e.g. searching for "22 charles st, enmore" 
> returns <http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/389348302>. However also as 
> expected no boundary or even house number was rendered.
> What a shame. It seems that in lieu of having any buildings marked 
> out, using property borders would have been a useful way to indicate 
> addresses - also seems more correct than using buildings, to my mind 
> anyway.
> //Mike

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