[talk-au] Translink Bus Stops - South East Queensland

cleary osm at 97k.com
Sun Jan 10 08:03:20 UTC 2016

That looks good, subject to being permitted to use the name of the stop.
Also need to add a source tag such as source=survey

In regard to name of stop, I’m not from Brisbane so I don’t know the
local practice. If the name of the stop is signposted at the stop then
it is OK to use it. However if the name has been copied from another
source, you need to ascerain if it can be copied. In some places,
timetables and.maps are copyright and cannot be copied without
permission. Frustrating.

Hope this helps.

On Sun, Jan 10, 2016, at 05:16 PM, David Findlay wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to add the local bus stops in my area(Redcliffe, QLD). As
> per instructions I've found so far, I've made single nodes beside the
> highway at the bus stop location, with name set to the name as
> Translink quotes it.
> So:
> highway=bus_stop name=Gayundah Esplanade near Georgina Street
> for instance. Would this be consistent with the standard? Thanks,
> David
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