[talk-au] JOSM Scanaerial plugin on NSW LPI layers

Nev Wedding nwastra at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 03:44:12 UTC 2016

Should the JOSM Scanaerial plugin be able to scan the LPI NSW Administrative Boundaries NPWS Reserve WMS layer and others.
I would like to zoom in to a section and use the plugin as an initial pass instead of manually mouse clicking around the long and winding boundary and then refine the result before tagging and uploading.

I am using a mac OS X and there are no instructions for that install so I may not have it set up correctly yet, so first up before proceeding further, I would like to know if it will help anyway. 

I am unfamiliar with tracing shapes other than tediously wandering around the boundaries one click at a time.

I played around with Gimp and Inkscape but found that to be quite a task too and wasn’t sure if I could use the output in Josm in anyway.

How do you manage such tasks? Are their special mouse tools available?

Is what I am trying to do essentially considered to be part of an import and/or the current LPI layers unsuitable for the tracing process.

Some links to where to find more info on this topic would be appreciated.  

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