[talk-au] JOSM Scanaerial plugin on NSW LPI layers

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 02:15:20 UTC 2016

On 25/01/2016 12:58 PM, Ian Sergeant wrote:
> Hi,
> The road is a vector, representing the road.  It does not represent 
> the road centreline. It has properties, such as width and lanes, and 
> sidewalks.
> If the boundary *is* the physical feature, then it is not corrupting 
> the data by making it align with the physical feature. If the boundary 
> is not the physical feature, then don't align it.
> The NSW/Victorian border has been done entirely along the riverbank.  
> Much of it by me and a few others after you guys decided to take your 
> bat & ball.  So, I don't believe this is actually an issue.  Do you 
> have any examples of where this is a concern?
> Tracing the actual border between NSW/Victorian border was actually 
> quite interesting.  You have the gradual accretion or divulsion to 
> consider, and it is clear the LPI data is not necessarily aligned with 
> what is current.  Most of the border that I've traced I'd consider to 
> be more current than the LPI data, and I'd certainly want to thrash it 
> out before someone started replacing it with yet another import. We've 
> had so much ugliness in the past with these imported data sets with no 
> follow up.
> This issue doesn't come up too much with property boundaries - that 
> are defined independent of the roads.  It does come up with rivers and 
> coastline, and other areas where the physical feature is what is the 
> boundary.

There are places ..(when I came across one again I'll post a link) where 
the road goes down the centre of the boundaries between two properties.
Being a lazy Ozie I would prefer to tag the road and use that as the 
boundary! Save a lot of work, the meaning is fairly clear .. and has 
very few impacts on actual use of the  map rather than legal niceties.

However ... with this data being translated across 'we' get lots of 
nodes and detail... with very little 'work'. So it does make it 
practical to have the road separate from the boundary.
But if I were entering each node by hand .. you would have the road 
forming the boundary (as tagged by me). Someone with more time can do 
that detail .. probably less than 10 meters in it.
> Ian.
> On 25 January 2016 at 11:09, Ross <info at 4x4falcon.com 
> <mailto:info at 4x4falcon.com>> wrote:
>     In Australia all property boundaries are not the centreline of the
>     road there is always a road reserve as Andrew pointed out.  So
>     simple do not make boundaries the road.

Some roads are 'easements' through the property... 
I tend not to map those .. the presence of the road may indicate it .. 
or not as the case may be. Again this is by hand.

Consider that the amount of things to map is vast, these details can 
treble it making getting placing these details on the map a much longer 
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