[talk-au] Tagging for NSW "State Conservation Area"?

cleary osm at 97k.com
Tue Jan 26 07:29:38 UTC 2016

In most cases I add a relation as there are often shared boundaries or
multiple parts to the conservation area. My most recent addition was
today. The tags I used for the relation were;

name=Livingstone State Conservation Area
source=LPI NSW Administrative Boundaries NPWS Reserve
operator=National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW

I have rarely added natural=wood or natural=scrub but whole areas are
rarely uniform and it can be difficult to accurately describe the
landcover etc unless one has personally visited and surveyed the
conservation area.

I am reluctant to use a "leisure" tag unless it is clear the area has
that purpose. I think that visitors are not always encouraged in some
state conservation areas.

I am also interested in feedback from other mappers.

On Tue, Jan 26, 2016, at 05:20 PM, Warin wrote:
> What are the preferred tags for these areas?
> In the past at least some of these were called "State Recreation Areas"
> and had recreation as their primary goal, with secondary goals of
> conservation.
> Now, quoting from
> http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/conservation-and-heritage/state-conservation-areas,
> they have;
> "State conservation areas are lands reserved to protect and
> conserve significant or representative ecosystems, landforms, natural
> phenomena or places of cultural significance. They provide opportunities
>   for sustainable visitation, public enjoyment, and research.
> The main difference between the management, objectives
> and principles of national parks and state conservation areas is that
> mineral and petroleum exploration and mining may be permitted in state
> conservation areas."
> I have
> boarder=protected_area
> name=* Conservation Area
> website=*
> and may add things like landcover=trees, natural=wood etc as appropriate
> ...
> Any other thoughts?
> I don't think they should be tagged as National Parks ..
> Possible inclusions
> leisure=nature_reserve
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