[talk-au] LPI embassies

Frank Sundowner61 at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jun 2 09:39:23 UTC 2016


I have added nodes for the embassies from the LPI data - where they did 
not exist before and where they are present on the DFAT website. This 
covers both NSW and ACT.

Some are closed, some moved from the DFAT information. I have not added 
that information, simply did not enter the data, or when I did enter the 
added 'obsolete:amenity=embassy' and a 'note=not on defat website' for 
information for other mappers, not for rendering. I have tried to add 
additional data from the web - website, phone number etc.

I might do post offices next, there are also tourist information offices 
to add too.

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