[talk-au] osmaustralia.org website and Garmin .img files -, current status ?

Ian Bennett ibennett at tpg.com.au
Thu May 5 08:04:28 UTC 2016

	I haven't used that site for ages.
	I get the australia-oceania pbf file from geofabrik.de (updated daily) and use splitter.jar and 
mkgmap.jar (both from www.mkgmap.org.uk) to create my own gmapsupp.img file (I'm still using a 
GPSMap 60CSx).
	I do this mainly because I can merge contour lines from Shonky Maps onto the final img file.
	The whole process took a little over an hour on my old P4 running at 2.66GHz with 2G RAM. Haven't 
timed it on the new rocket ship yet ;-)
	Happy to pass on my process if anyone is interested.


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