[talk-au] osmaustralia.org website and Garmin .img files - current status ?

Matt White mattwhite at iinet.net.au
Thu May 5 09:16:40 UTC 2016

My apologies - fixing that process has been on my list for a long time 
(years...). The computer it runs on for some reason just shuts down 
randomly, so I often boot it up at work and let it run, but it doesn't 
stay up long enough to get through a generation run.

I moved most of the scripts off the old computer today onto a newer 
machine, and rebuilt them, but got side tracked at work and only got 
some basic testing done. I have upgraded the mkgmap version as well, so 
hopefully a few of the newer features will appear (I've got to 
experiment with a few of the settings, and I need to clean up a couple 
of the tpy files)

I'll try and finish it tomorrow hopefully - just got to cleanup the zip 
and upload process and we will be away.

If anyone wants the various scripts I use so they can run the whole 
thing themselves (it's on Windows not linux, so it's a little bit of 
batch file fun, although I was going to port them to powershell for 
fun), email me - the new file/folder layout I put together today makes 
it a little easier to manage the various files, and easier to add in 
other areas to generate.


On 4/05/2016 11:41 PM, Ian Steer wrote:
> Does anyone know what’s happening with the osmaustralia.org website, 
> and the regular updates of Garmin .img files ?
> They used to be updated roughly weekly, but haven’t been updated since 
> February.
> (I use these files to update my Garmin GPS with the results of my (and 
> everyone else’s) OSM updates.)
> Ian
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