[talk-au] place=? An oldie but no past conclusion.

Simon Slater pyevet at iinet.net.au
Thu May 5 23:51:07 UTC 2016

On Thu, 5 May 2016 10:10:35 AM Ian Sergeant wrote:
> 1. Any attempt to make something render on sparse parts of the map, is
> a rendering issue.  Any renderer is free to pre-process the data based
> on a population and remoteness algorithm if they wish.
> 2. Personally, I make anything a town if it has services.  If it has a
> pub, a take-away, a supermarket, a post-office, and a fuel station,
> then it's a town.  I save hamlet for a population grouping without any
> services, and a locality for a place where there is essentially no
> population clustering.  This is a natural skew towards remoter
> destinations becoming towns, because they are service towns for
> surrounding areas, rather than necessarily having large populations
> themselves.

Post offices may be a good guide.  25 years ago there were at least 4 post offices 
between here (Swan Hill) and Kerang.  Now there is only one at Lake Boga, but 
all the other post codes are still in place, mail routing through either 
Kerang or Swan Hill.

The other places, Lake Charm, Mystic Park and Tresco, have a small group of 
houses, Lk Charm has a shop and caravan park, Mystic has a pub.

The passenger train doesn't stop at any of these stations anymore either, only 
the grain trains.
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