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Hi Warren,
Tracks are of particular interest to me.
As a 4wder, I plan my travels according to the tracks and the 'grade' of the track in an area, thus getting them right is important to me.
If highway = Track is used it really needs the additional 'grade' tags
The Aust tagging guidelines is a good system see  
Tracks need to be driven before they can be correctly described.
Armchair mapping has its place to identify that something maybe there, but the rest of the tags need to be correct as it dictates what type of 4wd is required to negotiate the track.
Is it possible to tag that the grade is 'unknown' ? which is more helpful to me than nothing or an incorrect guess.

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I have asked this question before but did not really get a clear answer.

I am working off the Western Australian Main Roads data checking against the OSM road attributes.  Occasionally I come across lines that are classed in OSM as highway:unclassified or highway:residential that do not appear on the Main Roads data base.

I would argue that these are named tracks rather than roads but I wanted to check others opinion.

Do I leave them alone or change the classification to highway:track?

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