[talk-au] TAGGING a 'club' to a suburb rather than its actual street address ot isolate risk of theft/abuse

Ben Kelley ben.kelley at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 06:17:34 UTC 2017


I think if the club has a location, then map a node at the club's 
location. (e.g. some type of amenity tag) Use the normal tags for 
contact details (phone number, web site).

I don't think it makes sense to add tags to the place node.

  - Ben.

On 6/7/17 16:04, Gary Pope wrote:
> Intent: Would like to tag locations of many woodworking club houses
> around Australia
> Issue:  * Woodworking clubs like to attract new members, or visiting
> members from other clubs
> 		* Woodworking clubs often contain expensive machinery -
> 		theft target
> 		* But they do have websites that we can link to
> 			* Some don't have websites, but newsletters
> 			(pdf)
> 			* If newsletters are linked to, they often
> 			contain personal names & phone numbers
> Proposal:       * Add a tag to suburbs (place=suburb) that have
> woodworking clubs. Such as:
> 				* place=suburb, club:woodwork=yes,
> 				club:woodwork:website=website.org
> 			* Add a tag to woodwork clubs that want their
> 			clubhouse location known, such as:
> 				* club=woodwork (note
> 				craft/shop=woodwork would be wrong, as
> 				these places are not for commercial use)
> 			* Contact woodwork clubs and ask them if / how
> 			they wish to be tagged
> 			* Worst case scenario would be to create a
> 			separate database and host that as an overlay to
> 			OSM
> Issues: * Which tag(s) to use
> 		* Tagging suburbs with woodwork club facilities (Would
> 		very much like to know if this is ok, or if there are
> 		alternatives)
> 		* Legal issues (privacy?) if we were to link to
> 		newsletters
> 		* Woodworking club houses are often owned by the
> 		council, but can be privately owned - some extra info
> Any feedback would be very welcome.
> For testing purposes we have identified 6 'example' clubs that don't 
> mind their full exposure right to an address.
> https://overpass-turbo.eu/?w="club"%3D"woodwork"+global&R
> But feedback from various parties suggest it might be better to have a 
> POINTER only at a SUBURB level,  along with some sort of description 
> that demonstrates that there is a 'club' in the area "nearby"
> -- 
> -- 
> *Gary A. Pope*
> B.Bus(ACC)

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