[talk-au] TAGGING a 'club' to a suburb rather than its actual street address ot isolate risk of theft/abuse

Andrew Harvey andrew at alantgeo.com.au
Thu Jul 6 07:34:16 UTC 2017

Hi Gary,

I think that the options are either tag the exact location as club=woodwork or leave it out of OSM. So I don't agree with adding it on the suburb or locality. OSM is a geographic database not a business directory, so we don't have any way to add business without an exact location on the ground.
If you'd like to only have a map at the suburb/locality level I think it's a perfect use case of having your own data on top of OSM using something like umap https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/, geojson.io http://geojson.io/[1], or Mapbox https://www.mapbox.com (full disclosure, I work with Mapbox).

  1. http://geojson.io/#map=2/20.0/0.0
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