[talk-au] TAGGING a 'club' to a suburb rather than its actual street address ot isolate risk of theft/abuse

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 09:43:51 UTC 2017

Andrew has it correct ... the map shows the actual location. Many things 
on the map could be targets for theft - car mechanics garages for instance.
Sorry but I don't see anyway that an area can be mapped for a club 
the address will be found to anyone who really wants it, all that 
putting it in OSM does is makes it a little easier.
A google search on woodworking clubs gets a few hits - most of them with 

As for spam emails and emails to past office holders .. too easy?

Email for club secretary? Sidney.Woodwork.Club.Secretary at gmail.com as an 
example -
The gmail account can be past from one office holder to the next.
Gmail does filter spam somewhat too.
This may go against gmails rules .. contact them and see if they can 
understand the requirement and if they would accept it.

Phone numbers are some what harder unless you have a landline at the 
club premises - there you can forward a call to another number .. and 
that number can be kept up to date for the present contact person.
You will probably need to pay for 2 landlines - incoming and outgoing - 
and some equipment to do the job.
If that is too much - a simple landline going to a message recorder 
would be very easy.

On 06-Jul-17 05:50 PM, Gary Pope wrote:
> Andrew
> I think you've explained well, the approach here.  The purpose of OSM 
> and my desire for a map showing general directory of clubs is indeed a 
> mismatch.   But nonetheless, worthy of trying, I hope you'd agree.
> Until a solution for overcoming the risk or the fear of exposing the 
> location of the actual  clubs is found,  then pure OSM appears not to 
> be the way forward.   But for those (like the six example cases)  that 
> do want to promote their location,  then the way we already have it 
> (minimal info to ensure no spam to emails or unsolicited calls to 
> phone numbers, or tagging out of date names of committee members for 
> instance) - then that aspect was already a goer.
> I'll standby for some more terrific feedback from this question posed 
> today.   Thanks for your insight,  Andrew.
> Gary
> On 06/07/17 17:34, Andrew Harvey wrote:
>> Hi Gary,
>> I think that the options are either tag the exact location as 
>> club=woodwork or leave it out of OSM. So I don't agree with adding it 
>> on the suburb or locality. OSM is a geographic database not a 
>> business directory, so we don't have any way to add business without 
>> an exact location on the ground.
>> If you'd like to only have a map at the suburb/locality level I think 
>> it's a perfect use case of having your own data on top of OSM using 
>> something like umap https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/, geojson.io 
>> http://geojson.io/ <http://geojson.io/#map=2/20.0/0.0>, or Mapbox 
>> https://www.mapbox.com (full disclosure, I work with Mapbox).

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