[talk-au] Upcoming RGSG/OpenStreetMap mapping event

David Dean ddean at ieee.org
Fri Jul 14 01:08:40 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

(If you don't want me to send these emails to you, please let me know and
I'll stop)

As a follow up to our earlier successful RGSQ Mapping Days event (
we are having a short, casual, one-day follow up event at Nundah in
associate with the RGSQ's Nundah Map Group.

This will be on Friday 4th August from around 10-16:30, and further details
are available on the OSM wiki at https://wiki.openstreetmap.

Please feel free to follow that link for more details, and please let me
know within the next two weeks if you wish to attend. The location is still
TBA, but will be in the Nundah area, probably at the BCC Nundah Library.

I apologise for this event being on a weekday. If you cannot attend, please
wait for the next one, which will hopefully be at a slightly more
work-friendly time!

Thanks, and Happy Mapping!

- David
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