[talk-au] OSM QGIS 'workshop' in Perth this weekend

Sam Wilson sam at samwilson.id.au
Mon Jul 31 06:54:15 UTC 2017

Not much to show for it yet I'm afraid!

We ran into a bug with creating virtual layers from layers that have
attributes with colons in their names (e.g. toilets:disposal), and also
couldn't figure out getting relations' data in (the built-in QGIS way of
doing it creates strange layers with an 'extra_params' column that can't
easily be used in rules etc.).

We're putting together what we know here:

It'll be a few months till we're up to the print composer stuff I think
(we only meet fortnightly).

The idea is to have a set of instructions that any newbie can use to get
up and running with data in QGIS, so they can get on with the fun stuff
of making a pretty map. :-)


On Sat, 29 Jul 2017, at 08:06 PM, Phil (The Geek) Wyatt wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Any chance of some notes from this get together? Especially printing from
> composer and getting decent results!
> Cheers - Phil (Tasmania)
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> Subject: [talk-au] OSM QGIS 'workshop' in Perth this weekend
> Geogeeks http://geogeeks.org/ was going to run a workshop this weekend
> about how to use OSM data in QGIS, but it's also Govhack so there are
> lots of people otherwise engaged.
> However, we do still have a venue, so there's going to be a small
> gathering at the state library in Perth to talk about QGIS and OSM and
> what a workshop might look like. :-)
> So come along, bring your laptop, and we can all learn together!
> 1 to 3 pm, State Library of Western Australia, 1st floor, BiblioTECH
> room.
> Thanks,
> Sam.
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