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David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Wed May 3 00:33:02 UTC 2017

Warin, I agree with you in theory. I almost never camp at a site without 
a toilet because such camp sites are sometimes in a disgusting state. 
However, when mapping, we should not apply our particular moral beliefs, 
fact is lots of people do stay at such sites. If its legal and practical 
to do so, we should so map. We should not be trying to enforce our 
beliefs via OSM.

Again, I will remind you that the distinction between tents, camper 
trailers, campers, caravans, mobile homes is one of degree. Pick any two 
spots on that spectrum and I will show you a rig that can fit between them.

(Sorry I have been out of this discussion for some time, we are away 
camping, down the deep southwest of Tasmania there is very little 
communications ....)


On 02/05/17 10:59, Warin wrote:
> The essential difference between these 'camping' activities is the 
> provision of a self contained toilet. (A shower is then secondary.)
> Where there is no self contained toilet the occupants then seek local 
> relief and that can lead to problems. So that is a mapping issue for me.
> One of the reasons why I prefer not to be directed to a 'rest area' 
> for a tent site, those without a toilet tend not to appeal.
> ----------------------------------------
> Some of the camper trailers are very well equipped .. they would need 
> to be from the prices they charge.
> I'd tend to lump them with caravans - they tow behind the vehicle. 
> Much like lumping campervans with motorhomes?
> On 02-May-17 08:59 AM, Graeme Fitzpatrick wrote:
>> I don't really think we'd have to differentiate between motorhomes & 
>> campervans, because really, they are the same concept, just different 
>> sizes, but crrying on from that, & just to throw another level of 
>> complication in :-), where do camper trailers come into things.
>> For clarification for those who may not be into camping, a camper 
>> trailer is effectively a tent mounted on top of a normal box trailer, 
>> that then folds out for use.
>> Under that list, would they be a tent or a caravan? For a short stop 
>> they don't usually need to be pegged down as a tent has to be, but 
>> they're also not just a pull up, open the door & that's it caravan?
>> Graeme
>> On 30 April 2017 at 10:21, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:61sundowner at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     I have raised this on the tagging list to get more people
>>     involved .. on a European perspective they distinguish motorhomes
>>     from caravans too ..
>>     It looks like;
>>     camping=yes (for all)
>>     camping:caravan=yes/no
>>     camping:tent=yes/no
>>     camping:motorhome=yes/no
>>     is the way to go?
>>     I hesitate to add campervan to that list but I suppose it should
>>     be added too..
>>     I can see them asking what the difference is to motorhome (what
>>     they are built from (bus/truck for motorhome, van for campervan)
>>     size and toilet/shower are ones I would nominate).
>>     On 26-Apr-17 06:17 PM, Warin wrote:
>>         We'll get there. Crossed posts. No rush.
>>         highway=rest_area
>>         rest_area:camping=caravan ?
>>         My previous post had :conditional ... and that is wrong.
>>         I don't know about applying camp_site tags to rest areas,
>>         maybe. Will think on it.
>>         On 26-Apr-17 05:29 PM, David Bannon wrote:
>>             Hmm, at risk of answering my own question, there is a
>>             key, camp_site=* that is intended to apply to
>>             tourism=camp_site. Could you apply it to a rest area as
>>             well ?
>>             highway=rest_area
>>             camp_site=basic
>>             caravan=yes
>>             tent=no
>>             David
>>             On 26/04/17 17:17, David Bannon wrote:
>>                 On 25/04/17 20:33, Warin wrote:
>>                     Take the respective 'tourism=camp_site' data to
>>                     'highway=rest_area' with 'caravan=yes'.
>>                 Just what will that mean then ?  That a caravan can
>>                 pull into the rest area ?  We will loose the
>>                 information that camping is, at least primafacie
>>                 allowed/practical ?
>>                 I don't think thats a good solution, if you then
>>                 apply it to other states, a disaster (NSW notoriously
>>                 anti "free camping").
>>                 David
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