[talk-au] Import boundary of Googong Foreshores

Andrew Harvey andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 01:08:57 UTC 2017

Sounds fine to me, especially given most NSW national parks have already
been imported via the LPI Base Map as you pointed out.

You can use both leisure=nature_reserve and boundary=protected_area. I'm
not familiar with that reserve but you'll need to pick the closest
protect_class you think it matches

On 28 November 2017 at 10:09, Leith Bade <leith at bade.nz> wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to add the boundary of the Googong Foreshores reserve which
> is located near the ACT but in NSW. It is a Commonwealth Land managed by
> the ACT government (however NSW law applies) and primarily provides a
> drinking water catchment and dam that supplies the ACT and Queanbeyan NSW.
> The reserve is also managed as a conservation area with many walking,
> mountain biking trails and allows fishing and kayaking in the dam lake.
> The area is quite large with a 56km boundary and short of trying to walk
> the enitre boundary with GPS, or try to locate all the fences via aerial
> imagery I decided it was easier to just import the boundary. I initially
> emailed the ACT government to ask if they had the boundary in GIS format
> but had no response. However I then realised the NSW cadastral data shows
> the boundary as the reserve is all located in a single lot.
> Can I import this data? I note there is already permission from NSW to
> import topographical data into OSM and has been done extensively for other
> NSW nature reserves and national parks.
> What tags should I use? leisure=nature_reserve or one of the
> boundary=protected_area? If protected area, which level should I use?
> What other tags should I add? I was going to add name=Googong Foreshores,
> source:geometry=NSW LPI Base Map and source:date=2017-11-27
> I checked in JOSM and the boundary appears to align well with other
> existing features, e.g. a fence and the other adjoining nature reserves.
> Thanks,
> Leith Bade
> leith at bade.nz
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