[talk-au] As of 28th November, Pokemon Go in Australia has been displaying OSM as the world map

Daniel Graus dkgraus at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 04:42:37 UTC 2017

It may pay to be extra vigilant of new edits by new mappers in the coming

The version of the map that is currently showing in Pokemon Go appears to
not be current, edits made after August this year are not appearing.
Licencing and copy write information for OSM has also now been added to the
"about" page in the Pokemon Go app.

In my experience, most mappers who have come to OSM due to Pokemon Go have
had good intentions and just needed a little guidance (as all newbies and
even long term mappers often need) but there are always a few who are
seeking to exploit the system.

As a pre-Pokemon Go casual OSM mapper and a Pokemon Go player, I am happy
to answer any questions that might help identify Pokemon Go edits that
might be incorrect.

Best wishes,

Daniel (WoodWoseWulf)
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