[talk-au] Mapbox 'improving the coastline' using bing

Jubal Harpster jubalh at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 7 14:46:09 UTC 2018

HI Warin,

Actually that edit was made by one of the members of the Microsoft team, not Mapbox.   We're a bit behind in publishing our tasks so I just updated the repo here (https://github.com/Microsoft/Open-Maps/issues/9)

You're absolutely correct that determining what is the Mean high water mark can be difficult so we're considering multiple imagery sources for this.  In many cases the coastlines are obviously over simplified, those are easy. In other cases it can be very tricky to tell what the best representation is so we'll leave those alone. 

We welcome your input to our process on our public repo.  We've included a long list of Ways that we think could use some attention.

MS Open Maps Team  

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Way: 159023062 with tags "attribution"="Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data", "natural"="coastline", "source"="ABS_2006 & AGRI"

Is being altered by mapbox mappers using bing imagery. This is causing 
other entries - such as beaches - to be changed too.

There are also things like 'improving piers' too .. but back to this 
coastline stuff ..

My questions are;

Is imagery better than ABS data ? hi tide low tide .. anywhere the 
imagery shows it?

The source and attribution would be wrong ..

Thoughts.. ?

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