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Satuim 95.5.radio at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 04:34:04 UTC 2018

Hey everyone,

I recently asked for permission to use a CC-BY 4.0 dataset but got 
rejected. The dataset I want to use is fairly important (boundaries for 
suburbs and counties for QLD).

Here is the response I got:

    The Department will not provide the data under an Open Database
    license. It is our belief that a CC:BY licence is sufficient for use
    of our data.

It is my understanding that the entity does not need to provide/change 
the license, but simply say it is OK for ODbL's slightly different 
terms, Was I misunderstood in my email? what advice can be given here? I 
sent the cover letter/waiver here: 

I do know of another dataset, but am wondering if I could bounce back 
from this rejection? If not what could I send to help? Is there 
something more persuasive that can be sent, Like anecdotes from local 

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