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There can be problems with internet connectivity for remote communities 
.. so getting participation can be difficult.
A local dump of data that can then be used on a server by others can be 
very beneficial - reduces the remote network load and speeds the locals 
response times.

Part of  'verifiable on the round' is asking a local.. if it is a local 
doing the mapping then they are most of the way there.

The  OSMwiki for local languages ..is 

On 27-Jan-18 03:08 PM, David Dean wrote:
> Oh,
> And one more thing: At its best OpenStreetMap is about local mappers 
> mapping what is of interest to them, so we should be attempting to 
> engage with out local indigenous community and asking them what their 
> local language is and what features in OSM (or that we can add to OSM) 
> are important to them.
> Some of this might stretch the 'verifiable on the ground' rule a 
> little, but I think if there is significant local knowledge, it is 
> fair game for the map.
> - David
> On Sat, 27 Jan 2018 at 14:03 David Dean <ddean at ieee.org 
> <mailto:ddean at ieee.org>> wrote:
>     Hey everyone,
>     Thanks for the great responses. I'm glad I kicked off this thread.
>     I don't think there is a problem with indicating a name:aus tag if
>     the local aboriginal name for an area/feature is known, but you
>     haven't done further research to find the actual language code
>     applicable.
>     However, it should be a goal to update all name:aus tags to move
>     them to the appropriate real tags based on the iso639-3 tags. I'm
>     not sure at that stage whether the name:aus tags would be useful
>     to stay or not. Any ideas?
>     I am pushing this myself, as I want to build a rendering of OSM
>     that is focused on the local indigenous knowledge across the
>     country, but I guess this means I'm going to need to do a bit more
>     work to find out the iso639-3 tags for all indigenous languages in
>     Australia, and maybe even some idea of what tags are local to what
>     areas.
>     This is clearly not going to be trivial, but what that's worth
>     doing is? :)
>     - David
>     On Sat, 27 Jan 2018 at 08:45 Andrew Harvey
>     <andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com <mailto:andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>         On 26 January 2018 at 23:33, David Dean <ddean at ieee.org
>         <mailto:ddean at ieee.org>> wrote:
>             Absolutely. If the more specific language code is known,
>             it should be used.
>         Indeed Tasmania uses a lot of name:xtz eg.
>         http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/123026960 and
>         https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/vql, Uluru uses name:pjt,
>         hopefully there are a lot more. I think name:aus should only
>         really be used if you don't know which more specific ISO code
>         to use.
>         On 27 January 2018 at 07:53, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com
>         <mailto:61sundowner at gmail.com>> wrote:
>             Should the English language ones be recorded as
>             name:eng=Ayers Rock ?
>             I think they may be entered as alt_name, possibly they
>             also should be recorded as name:eng too (a duplication).
>         name:eng and name:en are the same thing according to
>         https://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/langcodes_name.php?code_ID=130
>         The English name of Uluru is Uluru not Ayers Rock. I'd be in
>         favour of moving Ayers Rock to the old name. official_name
>         could still be "Uluru / Ayers Rock" as that's what's it's
>         officially designated as.
>         I'd prefer we didn't use name=Uluru (Ayers Rocks) and instead
>         just used name=Uluru as it should be left up to data consumers
>         how they want to display alternate names, with Ayers Rock
>         either as old_name or alt_name.
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