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I have compiled some references below to support my original position when importing the marine parks. I am also asking for opinion if using the following sources on the import data would be acceptable:

source:geography=CAPAD 2016
source:name=Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review

The geospatial data of the zoning changes are not included in the current CAPAD release, so the zoning would be omitted in this import.

No changes to the outer boundaries of the reserves
[Speaking about the outcome of the review of marine reserves] “There is no loss of area under conservation management (reserve outer boundaries are unchanged)...”

Change of names
“The Director of National Parks also consulted on a proposal to rename Commonwealth marine reserves. Based on this consultation, a proclamation has been made to formally change the name of 58 marine reserves to marine parks.”

The change of names is also clearly evident when visiting https://parksaustralia.gov.au/marine/ or https://parksaustralia.gov.au/marine/management/background/review-reports/


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Seeking comment, suggestions, objections to continuing importing Australian marine parks. Boundaries from CAPAD 2016, except names are amended as “Marine Park” not “Commonwealth Marine Reserve”.

Technically speaking, the vast majority of Commonwealth Marine Reserves were never in effect (no changes on water) until a just few days ago when the marine parks came into effect.


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