[talk-au] network=Translink SEQ vs network=TransLink SEQ

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Tue Jul 10 22:38:52 UTC 2018

Use download from overpass api in JOSM with this query:




 node["network"="Translink SEQ"];

  way["network"="Translink SEQ"];

  relation["network"="Translink SEQ"];


out body;

out skel qt;


after download completes, press Ctrl+A to select everything


change network tag value to TransLink SEQ


perform “Upload data” action


That should do it. (I’ve tried it out till just before the last click where it would really upload.)


But before this is done, we should probably discuss it more, and also use a separate account to perform this update, like for mass imports.



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I’ve just noticed that there are 3-4k of both network=Translink SEQ and network=TransLink SEQ


Given that tag values are generally considered case sensitive, shouldn’t these two be conflated into one or the other?


Yes, they probably should be.


I've just checked & the name is TransLink, so that should be the version we use.


How do you even go about doing a mass edit like that though?

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