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Hi Folks,


I must admit I have an ulterior motive for use of a AU based tasking manager as I do mapping for Australian Red Cross during emergencies. I have done the training for HOTOSM project manager but never actually used it. RC use OSM mapping as backgrounds for some of their work and on mobile devices so any improvements in data is always welcome.


I also think it may be a way to get others involved in structured OSM mapping albeit using an emergency as a catalyst. For instance if a cyclone or fire is active somewhere then use that to encourage checking of roads, buildings etc…pretty much what is done on the HOT tasking manager.


I encouraged building mapping (via slack groups) during Tathra fires and now most of the buildings are there.




Likewise updating some remote communities when cyclones were imminent.





A tasking manager would prevent duplication etc but I think it works best in smaller discrete areas rather than a state wide effort. I am happy to help out where I can but I am definitely just a user, not a programmer or coder.


Cheers - Phil


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For knowing "whats mapped" at a high level, I like http://qa.poole.ch - I believe it has filters for unmapped addresses.


On the ground stuff - streetcomplete does really well at prompting for things without address, highly recommend.




Setting up a task manager instance; I reckon it could make a lot of sense for us as a community. We seem to be a small group who punch above our weight in terms of how spread out we are but have much we have mapped.

Alternatively, maproulette tasks.


It seems to work well for US imports of address/buildings/etc; and its reasonable to expect that:

- One day; the gnaf will be suitable for import or

- LPI Basemap NSW addresses or otger data.gov.au imports for an entire town/area/etc make sense.

- There will be communities within the AU mapping crowd with focuses (camping; cycling; tourism; public transport spring to mind)


Looking at https://github.com/hotosm/tasking-manager/blob/develop/README.md it seems like python/postgres are the main server hosting requirements.


On Sun, 17 Jun. 2018, 11:17 am Dion Moult, <dion at thinkmoult.com> wrote:

Wow, seems a little overkill to put the task there where it seems the objective is for humanitarian needs :) Australian house addresses are hardly humanitarian in nature :)


Dion Moult



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On June 17, 2018 9:30 AM, Phil Wyatt <phil at wyatt-family.com> wrote:


You could put a project up on the HOT Task manager as a low priority and then send folks the link





Cheers - Phil, 

On the road with his iPad 


On 16 Jun 2018, at 10:29 pm, Dion Moult <dion at thinkmoult.com> wrote:


As a continuation of this thread just wondering if there was a way to divide up Sydney into a grid and automatically check the progress of whether that zone has been mapped or not. Is there a standard approach for this? 




Dion Moult






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On 06/06/18 08:51, Dion Moult wrote:

> Thanks Andrew et all,


> Yes, I have used the ESRI imagery layer. Thanks for the heads up of the LPI base map. Before I go too far, can one of you please look at the work I've done so far if I'm doing things correctly? Here is a small sample in the suburb of Epping that I have traced houses and added addresses:


> https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/-33.78071/151.06628


> In that scenario I did not trace off the LPI imagery, but instead traced off ESRI. I noticed if I enable the LPI imagery, the houses don't line up. Should this be fixed? If so, what's the best way?



Any imagery can have a 'offset' from where it should be. And that offset will vary as you go up and down hills.


The LPI Imagery has much better resolution and less parallax error than the other sources .. I prefer it to any other images for its accuracy.


That said it is usefull to check with other images for more up to date things. I found in Coffs Harbour that the DigitalGlobe stuff is more current.



I'll leave others to comment on that address stuff.. no expert on that (yet). :)




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