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Joel H. joelh at disroot.org
Thu Jun 21 04:44:51 UTC 2018

A few days ago Bob from the Royal Geographical Society of QLD sent me an
email about mapping historical Pastoral Districts.

Anyone around Brisbane should have a little read (particularly the
question to OSM).

I made the suggestion that Open Historical Map should be used instead. I
was also thinking that OSM Brisbane and RGSQ could get together for an
event again!

Does anyone have anything to add?

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Date: 	Mon, 18 Jun 2018 15:03:28 +1000
From: 	Bob Abnett <abnett at powerup.com.au>




Prior to your running the OSM group in Brisbane, the Map Group had a close
working relationship to David Dean, the previous contact person - now
working in Armidale, NSW.


Map Group members have not been so responsive to OSM this year, as RGSQ is
looking for a replacement premises and Map Group, within RGSQ, is
temporarily meeting in Moorooka, not Milton anymore.


As the Co-Ordinator of Map Group, I am also heading up the Replacement
Premises Committee of RGSQ and hence, I personally, have been very busy on
building matters.


However, this replacement building process is expected to be completed
during the second half of 2018 and as Co-ordinator of Map Group, I am
looking at the 2019 Program.


2019 Program:  Mapping of the early Pastoral Districts of Queensland


One of the Presenters in 2019 will be an historian, who has been recording
the history of the early Land Commissioners in Pre-Separation Qld from 1842
to 1859.


She has asked if Map Group could consider some modern digitally based
mapping system to re-map the original Pastoral Districts of Pre-Separation


These Pastoral Districts were initially described in the NSW Govt Gazette by
"metes and bounds" and from these "original boundaries", quite simple maps
were drawn up of Southern Queensland by the  then Colonial Govt of NSW, as
it was in the 1840s and 1850s, using the Pastoral Districts as the basis for
mapping.  Both the historian and Map Group have got digital images from the
NSW State Archives of these early, but rather simple Pastoral District maps.


Once Queensland became a separate colony in 1859, it set up its own Lands
Department containing surveyors and later cartographers, and the mapping of
Queensland vastly improved from then onwards.


Later in 2019, Map Group is to have another Presenter talk about the mapping
of Queensland from 1860 to the 1880s, when much of the State was then mapped
(at a far higher standard than that from the earlier period).


Question to OSM:


Would the Brisbane group of OSM be interested in participating with some Map
Group members in a mapping exercise of: mapping the boundaries of Qld's
Pre-Separation Pastoral Districts, upon an OSM base map of Queensland?


I have looked at OSM for Queensland and at a higher level of mapping, versus
the close up "zooming in", where local details come to the fore, it would
initially look possible to map the Pastoral District boundaries. 


When David Dean taught Map Group members how to use OSM in 2016, it was at
the local level and we learnt particularly about placing buildings onto OSM
maps.  (we worked the Milton area as Map Group; then South Brisbane, as a
group; the Nundah area as part of a Map Group project, then many of us did
our own streets where we live).


I believe that those of us interested in mapping the Pastoral District
boundaries would need to learn how to edit OSM to map such boundaries.  Note
that these early Pastoral District Maps covered all of Southern Qld,
northwards to Gladstone and westwards to the Maranoa, west of the Darling
Downs.  Hence the boundaries cover a lot of territory.


Anyway, would the OSM group in Brisbane be interested in such a "higher
level" of mapping?


If so, would you or someone else be willing to "teach" a few Map Group
members how to map boundary lines? (versus the shapes of buildings traced
over aerial imagery, which we all learnt to do).


I look forward to your reply and if you wish to meet up firstly, over a
coffee to discuss, then please say so.


Thanks and cheers


Bob Abnett

Co-ordinator, Map Group, RGSQ




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