[talk-au] Slight revamps to AUS Tagging Guidelines for Urban Footpaths

Andrew Davidson theswavu at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 05:44:56 UTC 2018

On 25/6/18 15:12, Joel H. wrote:
> Just letting everyone know that I did a slight revamp to the Guidelines
> for Urban Footpaths over on our Tagging Guidelines page

The three things that look a little odd are:

1. Needs an entry for shared paths that don't have a sign (ie: 99%+ of 
Canberra shared paths).

2. bicycle=permissive doesn't really make sense for a pedestrian 
cut-through (makes it sound like it's private and someone could remove 
permission in the future).

3. the section on motorway tagging might mention cycle=shoulder (which 
gets used a lot on AU motorways).

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