[talk-au] I have written a response to DNRM, please give feedback

Andrew Harvey andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 13:37:53 UTC 2018

Oh I was referring to the Brisbane City Council data you mentioned not

On 15 Mar. 2018 12:26 am, "Jonathon Rossi" <jono at jonorossi.com> wrote:

I'll reach out to them to see if we can get the waiver completed tomorrow,
> in the meantime I've added it too the list.

This isn't intended to sound rude, but why do you think they would have a
different opinion on the CC BY 2.5 waiver and not just get the same
response Joel received?

It appears either DNRM either don't understand the waiver, or are not
interested in passing it on to their lawyers. Do you have contacts there?
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