[talk-au] FW: Open Mapping team at Microsoft Australian edits

Ewen Hill ewen.hill at gmail.com
Sun May 6 08:19:57 UTC 2018

Thanks for the update Nemanja and appreciate that we are all learning.

 I am about to send an overpass file so that your team can review of some of
the edits. I have also added a number of comments for Victoria, Australia
where we need to look at what access and road type it should be.

Canal/ditch identified as a road - Way 552004404 - This runs through farm
land without access=* 

Firebreak around a paddock mapped as track within a farm with no access=*

Roads and tracks through farmland and farmyards with access=* not set.

One thing farmers hate is people traveling on farm roads and being lost.
Actually two, not closing gates. No make that three, Cattle and sheep
rustlers. Please reduce the access so navigators don't route through farms. 

It is really hard to understand the difference between a farm driveway,
track , firebreak, temporary road for logging or fire protection or fence
line from overhead images. Fence lines can often have a bare earth break for
fire protection and often these appear to be tracks or paths and these are
not. Please always reduce access if in doubt.

Perhaps we need to reset a little and to ask for help on some of the
changesets so that not too much needs to change. 

Thank you for being so open and I hope we can all improve OSM


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