[talk-au] poor business listing edits

forster at ozonline.com.au forster at ozonline.com.au
Thu May 10 01:34:27 UTC 2018


I have attempted to define SEO spam at  

It would be good to have guidelines on what to do with SEO spam, I am  
often unsure when to revert. My thoughts are that it can be  
immediately reverted if it looks like SEO spam and it either:
a)breaks existing features
b)is impossibly located, post office, school, park etc.
c)is not matched by contact details on their website

Case (c) is the more controversial, most of these SEO spam entries are  
for home based businesses with no verifiable office or shop. In  
accepting these listings its reasonable to expect a physical location  
which is supported by the addr:housenumber and addr:street and the  
contact details on their website. (If they don't want to publicise the  
location of their business on their website there is very unlikely to  
be anything verifiable on the ground).

With regards to the description tag, it should be reduced to  
objectively verifiable facts (eg Australia's best loved professionally  
baked bread and cakes -> bread and cakes)


> In reverting, OSM looses the information that these new people made.
> OSM also looses a potential new mapper, as I doubt they will return
> following their attempted addition being removed.
> There are large additions in some parts of the world being made from
> commercial firms - eg petrol stations. These too are a form of 'spam'.
> I have no problem with a firm adding their details to the map... spam?
> Yes, it is a form of advertising... but they can only add facts .. no
> flummery. So I am for it.
> OSM also . On 10/05/18 10:11, Andrew Harvey wrote:
>> This is a global problem, happening in other regions too, just   
>> unfortunate we're caught up in this as it's a real waste of time   
>> dealing with it.
>> In a couple of recent ones they were trying to pan in iD but  
>> dragged features instead by accident, breaking other features. I've  
>> reverted these completely. Since they are done by an SEO who  
>> obviously has no respect for OSM, let's not waste our time to try  
>> to filter out the useful parts (if any!).
>> The ones which didn't damage other features, I've left in, but at   
>> the same time have no issues with them simply being reverted when   
>> they match all the hallmark signs of this kind of spam.
>> On 10 May 2018 at 08:26, nwastra <nwastra at gmail.com   
>> <mailto:nwastra at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>    Just a heads up that there has been a rash of poor edits in the
>>    past 24 hours or so with new editors listing their businesses but
>>    in doing so many have accidentally shifted other mapped items or
>>    added the wrong tags to their edits.
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