[talk-au] Small culverts/bridges in bushland

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Wed May 23 23:16:50 UTC 2018

On 24/05/18 08:32, Ian Steer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Lately a mapper has been adding heaps of fords in SE QLD bushland along
>> with more creeks/streams, however I've noticed quite a lot of the fords
>> aren't actually fords based on my local knowledge of the area. I tried
>> commenting on a changeset (https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/58540304)
>> 2 weeks ago and again a week ago without a response, they have been active
>> in that time and appear to be a long time contributor, but I'm now at a
>> loss on how to contact them.
>> My question isn't about what they've been doing, but about the fact I've
>> not wanted to split ways and try to line up a tiny culvert or bridge when
>> they are physically so small, however because they haven't been mapped
>> someone is now incorrectly added fords. Many of the culverts are just a
>> small pipe (sometimes as small as 20mm diameter and 0.5m long) with dirt
>> over it to keep the trail dry (the trail is usually built up a little in
>> the low lying area), and many of the bridges are only a metre long timber
>> bridge especially those added for MTB.
>> The wiki states that bridge=* and tunnel=* should not be used on nodes, so
>> I've not used them and in the past only mapped fords (many which have big
>> sized gravel or stepping stones) and obviously use a shared node.
>> I've read a bunch of discussion on this topic and agree that splitting ways
>> to model these is overkill as the tags on each way can get out of sync and
>> get in the way, but removing the incorrect fords and not putting something
>> in their place irks me. The wiki's comment about a ford: "You are both on
>> the highway and in the waterway, and not separated logically as a stream
>> under a bridge would be" makes complete sense, and I don't want shared
>> nodes for these cases even though many streams are intermittent.
>> Finally my question, why couldn't we map a culvert as a node of a waterway,
>> or a bridge as a node of a highway? The only other option I can think of is
>> to add a note to a node of highway/waterway describing what is there so
>> someone doesn't add a ford.
>> Thanks, Jono
> I have been “guilty” of adding small fords and culverts on bush tracks because JOSM gives me an error message if you have a waterway crossing a way without some sort of bridge, Ford, etc - and I try to avoid doing edits and leaving errors/warnings.

If the fords and culverts are real then there is no problem.

But adding things that are not there just to remove some error/warning is not good. They should be left as errors//warnings.

Only when the crossing can be resolved into a ford or culvert should that feature be added.
Otherwise an addition to solve an error/warning might be made that is wrong ... there could be a bridge!

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