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> I have been “guilty” of adding small fords and culverts on bush tracks because JOSM gives me an error message if you have a waterway crossing a way without some sort of bridge, Ford, etc - and I try to avoid doing edits and leaving errors/warnings.

>If the fords and culverts are real then there is no problem.

>But adding things that are not there just to remove some error/warning is not good. They should be left as >errors//warnings.

>Only when the crossing can be resolved into a ford or culvert should that feature be added.
>Otherwise an addition to solve an error/warning might be made that is wrong ... there could be a bridge!

I have only ever mapped what is on the ground.  There's always some way for a path the cross a stream - ford, culvert, bridge etc.  It just seems a bit trivial when you have a path crossing a mapped stream that is so small you can jump across it.



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Surfacing an old thread here as there have been recent developments.

The "Protected areas of Queensland - boundaries" dataset from QSpatial[1] has been previously imported by QldProtectedAreas[2]. It's CC BY 3.0 AU licensed, but the data custodian (Department of Environment and Science) has completed the OSMF CC BY waiver[3] clearing the data for use in OSM from a licensing perspective. The data custodian only agreed to complete the waiver for that specific dataset due to concerns about the data quality of other datasets.

As far as I'm aware we haven't been able to get the waiver completed by other departments who publish their data on QSpatial and we have no QSpatial blanket waiver, only this specific dataset.

Is anyone interested in updating OSM based on some of the new data from this dataset? A quick scan in QGIS there are some differences (mostly due to new data published on QSpatial) but mostly it's consistent.

To compare the two I,

1. Downloaded queensland.osm.pdf extract from http://download.openstreetmap.fr/extracts/oceania/australia/
2. Extracted protected areas from that file with:
osmium tags-filter --overwrite -o qld-protected-areas.osm.pbf queensland.osm.pbf nwr/boundary=protected_area,national_park,state_forest

Giving https://tianjara.net/data/QLD_Protected_Areas.geojson from QSpatial and https://tianjara.net/data/qld-protected-areas.geojson from OSM which can be compared in QGIS or JOSM using the GeoJSON plugin.

[1] http://qldspatial.information.qld.gov.au/catalogue/custom/index.page
[2] https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/QldProtectedAreas

On 26 January 2016 at 21:35, Nev Wedding <nwastra at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I have been browsing the Queensland Spatial Catalogue and noticed the 
> following
> Protected areas of Queensland - boundaries              Published date -
> 11 Jun 2015
> http://qldspatial.information.qld.gov.au/catalogue/custom/
> search.page?q=%22Protected%20areas%20of%20Queensland%20-%20boundaries%
> 22
> Nature refuges and coordinated conservation     Date published -14 Sep 2012
> http://qldspatial.information.qld.gov.au/catalogue/custom/
> search.page?q=%22Nature%20refuges%20and%20coordinated%
> 20conservation%20areas%22
> ** Has this been imported and if not do we have permission to use to 
> edit/update the OSM
> Others I noticed that may be useful were Local government area 
> boundaries http://qldspatial.information.qld.gov.au/catalogue/custom/
> search.page?q=%22Local%20government%20area%20boundaries%20-%20Queensla
> nd%
> 22
> Locality boundaries
> http://qldspatial.information.qld.gov.au/catalogue/custom/
> search.page?q=%22Locality%20boundaries%20-%20Queensland%22
> All are licensed under a Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Australia 
> licence.
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