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> Hi
> I have used http://www.mygpsfiles.com/app/ <http://www.mygpsfiles.com/app/> where you can select a years of gpx tracks and drag and drop on to the map but it only has google, etc maps.
> I just tried JOSM and used the left side open icon select and load 3 years of gpx traces from my hard drive and they displayed fine using an imagery background of OpenCycleMap, OpenTopoMap, OpenStreetMap Carto. It looks great.
>> On 4 Nov 2018, at 12:09 am, _ dikkeknodel <dikkeknodel at hotmail.com <mailto:dikkeknodel at hotmail.com>> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Ever since I moved to Switzerland over a year ago I’ve been both hiking in the mountains and updating OSM details a lot. Since I hike at least 20 km every weekend, it must have totaled to about 1200 km by now all across the country. I would love to get an overview of where I have been so far.
>> Since I’ve got a GPX file of almost every hike, the data is there. I am now looking for a nice graphical way to plot all of these files at once on a nice OSM map, OpenTopoMap as a base layer would be great.
>> I’ve been searching for a while how to arrange this (without much programming knowledge), but I am kind of lost at the moment.
>> Does anybody have a hint?
>> Cheers,
>> dikkeknodel
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