[talk-au] PSMA Administrative Boundaries

Andrew Davidson theswavu at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 00:44:55 UTC 2018

If you want to start working on something I have had a go at matching 
place nodes:


with the corresponding admin_level 10 boundaries:


These have been matched by finding the best matching place node by name 
within a bbox 150% the size of the admin boundary. In the cases where 
there are more than one perfect match the first one the program 
encountered is used.

Needs reviewing to see if the most appropriate node has been selected. 
Particularly where a town/city node has been selected: do we need to add 
a suburb node? (or do we use the same node for city and suburb eg: 

This is v1.0, I was planning to see if I could flag if the selected node 
is inside/outside the boundaries (eg: Mount Isa) and also look for 
duplicate place nodes (ie: same name appearing on different values of 

On 7/11/18 2:57 pm, Joel H. wrote:
> How are we with our import plan on the wiki, Do we have any blockers
> stopping the PSMA import?
> I think we should start setting dates state-by-state for import.
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