[talk-au] TMR Road Centerlines dataset

Joel H. joelh at disroot.org
Sat Nov 17 01:27:37 UTC 2018

Thats pretty cool, I might compare a few of these roads.

On 15/11/18 9:25 pm, Andrew Harvey wrote:
> I did some brief comparison it and there was at
> least one place where it was better than what's in OSM currently
> (geometry).

I find the a geometry of the government data to be less straight and
more jittery, the OSM data is perfectly OK in these cases. I have seen
some rough geometry in OSM, but I think the best thing to do is to use
GPX and make it ourselves. Could you please give me the name of the road
where geometry on this dataset was better? I would like to take a look.

On 15/11/18 9:25 pm, Andrew Harvey wrote:
> A lot of road names don't always match up, but I trust what's in OSM
> currently more. I think the names in this dataset are more likely for
> the routes not the streets.

I'm noticing that the dashes seem to be missing on a lot of country
roads, I feel like we should trust OSM more but...

In OSM we have: Esk Hampton Road

In QSC we have: Esk - Hampton Road

Esk and Hampton are town names so a dash makes sense. What does everyone

I think I'm going to make a page for this dataset on the wiki where we
can point out OSM roads with rough geometry and use QSC and GPX to
correct them.

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