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Lee Mason lee.mason at outlook.com.au
Sat Sep 1 00:53:56 UTC 2018

Except for the territorial boundary, Australia’s maritime boundaries in OpenStreetMap are incomplete. I have found two potential data sources for import from Geoscience Australia. Both are CC-BY-4.0 and I believe the waiver for GSA covers these datasets, but I ask here to be 100% certain.

Link to the waiver:

Includes boundaries of the exclusive economic zone, contiguous zone and territorial sea (already in map):

Includes coastal water boundaries:

At present, state and territory admin borders in OSM (admin_level =4) extend out to Australia’s maritime territorial border (admin_level=2). It appears that the proper form would be to extend to coastal water limits instead.

Any import would be fairly straight forward, just needs to be carefully integrated with the existing state/territory boundaries and the recently imported marine parks of Commonwealth waters (which are within the EEZ, but outside of coastal waters).

Geoscience Australia has a useful list of maritime boundary definitions:

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