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Sat Sep 1 09:04:19 UTC 2018

I guess you saw already, but it looks like most of these have tags defined

Thanks Lee for posting about this and posting those GA links, very helpful!
I'm in favour of importing these, it seems the GA data is good to use, but
I would ask that before anyone does imports, you make and document a plan,
so which data sources, which tags are going to be used and seek feedback


> ...Jurisdiction over the water column and the subjacent seabed is vested
in the adjacent State or Territory as if the area formed part of that State
or Territory...

That seems to imply that the coastal waters aren't part of the State or
Territory, just that the State and Territories have jurisdiction over that
coastal water. I'm not even sure the State/Territory borders should extend
out past the coastline at all? In the PSMA data it stops at the coastline.

I agree those that based on that information it's incorrect to extend them
out to the current Australia admin_level=4 boundary, Australia's maritime
territorial border.

> Yeap, maritime boundaries have been on my "todo list" for a while now.
However, I was waiting for GA to release an updated dataset that will have
the new boundaries arising from recent treaty negotiations with East Timor.
I'd suggest waiting till then.

I'm not opposed to importing this data now and then amending later, all up
to whoever wants to go through the import process and make it happen.
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