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Would this import effect the way the existing "coastline" is shown in OSM?

>From the GA definitions earlier:

   - "The Normal baseline corresponds with the low water line along the
   coast, including the coasts of islands. Under the Convention, normal
   baseline can be drawn around low tide elevations which are defined as
   naturally formed areas of land surrounded by and above water at low tide
   but submerged at high tide, provided they are wholly or partly within 12
   nautical miles of the coast. For Australian purposes, normal baseline
   corresponds to the level of Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT)
   - Straight baselines are a system of straight lines joining specified or
   discrete points on the low-water line, usually known as straight baseline
   end points. These may be used in localities where the coastline is deeply
   indented and cut into, or where there is a fringe of islands along the
   coast in its immediate vicinity.
   - Bay or river closing lines are straight lines drawn between the
   respective low-water marks of the natural entrance points of bays or rivers.

Waters on the landward side of the baseline are internal waters for the
purposes of international law."

In particular, would it bring in "Bay closing lines", which would correct

I've corrected a couple manually where creeks flow into the ocean & the
coastline was shown as being 5k inland, but it's a pretty slow job :-(


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