[talk-au] Importing Hobsons Bay City Council tree data into OSM

David Sisourath david.sisourath at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 14 05:34:35 UTC 2019


I intend to import tree data in the Hobsons Bay LGA into OSM.

The data has been verified by myself with aerial imagery and DELWP/VicMap boundaries.

I will be importing small squares of data at a time, including the tree circumference, species (if known) or genus (if species unknown). Tree circumference in the data are grouped by ranges of 150mm. I have taken the maximum of these ranges to be the circumference in my code.

A source tag will be attached to each tree node imported, source=data.gov.au:Hobsons Bay City Council, and also on the relevant changesets.

A waiver has been signed by Hobsons Bay and is available on both the Australian Data Catalogue page and the Contributors<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Contributors#Hobsons_Bay_City_Council_data> page.

Any questions or feedback regarding the import would be highly appreciated, including whether the approach to the circumference tag, and source tag is acceptable.


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