[talk-au] Brisbane City Address Import

Joel H. joelh at disroot.org
Sun Jan 13 01:58:06 UTC 2019

Hello everyone, I think that we should do selective imports of Brisbane
City address data, seeing as we have a waiver and obtaining address data
manually is labor intensive.

Since I live here I can handle imports.

However I would like help preparing the csv file, anyone who can lend
some python scripts or whatever would be excellent.

- Road names are separated into two fields "ROAD NAME" and "ROAD TYPE",
Could I have help merging these fields?

- Suburb names and road types are in all caps, Could I have help
lowercasing all letters except the first of each word?

- What does the "ADDRESS USE TYPE" field mean? And should it be preserved?

- Misc. tagging help. What fields should I have in the import?

The dataset can be downloaded from:

The projection method is UTM, the zone is 56, and the hemisphere is South

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