[talk-au] Copying address from business website?

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon Jul 22 07:28:10 UTC 2019

There was just a longish discussion on legal-talk on the topic:
(note that AUS is one of the three countries with a strong sweat of the
brow doctrine).

From a legal POV completing information with data from the
establishments own website should in general be OK, from a QA
perspective brain needs to be turned on as, just as with any other data
source,  there is no guarantee that website contains current and correct

Compilations of the same data (for example google and so one) should not
be used for sourcing information for OSM.


Am 22.07.2019 um 05:04 schrieb Kim Oldfield:
> Is it acceptable to copy a street address (and other contact details)
> from a business's webpage?
> For example in https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/72452124 (what
> changed is easier to see at
> https://osmlab.github.io/osm-deep-history/#/way/705884944 ) I added
> the street address as listed on their website.
> If this isn't acceptable, what is an acceptable way of getting an
> address if it is not obvious during a site survey?
> Regards,
> Kim
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