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We have https://switch2osm.org/ which details how to use OSM in place of Google maps. In terms of the OP and the incorrect attribution, what I assume has happened is that after Google's pricing change they just switched out the image source in their existing map embed for tiles.osm... resulting in what we see.

https://operations.osmfoundation.org/policies/tiles/ is OSMs tile policy. My general understanding has always been that for small/low traffic things using tiles.osm is fine, but for anything that will send significant traffic to the tile CDN is probably better off using a proper tile service.

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Hi Gream,
I've been thinking the same back when Google upped their prices. 

This is what I understand and I'm happy to be corrected.

OSM (and their infrastructure) is not intended to be used as tile server for (commercial?) Tile consumers. If you search for it OSM has in the past disabled access to load hungry tile consumers, think apps etc.

The idea is that osm provides the data. Tile consumers should either engage with a 3rd party that provides tiles (e.g. geofabrik or MapQuest or...) Or set up their own tile renderer.

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On 25 July 2019 8:30:27 am AEST, Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> OT to this particular problem, but still sort of on this subject ...
> One of the aircraft tracking sites I use  http://aussieadsb.com/VirtualRadar/desktop.html# has mentioned in this last week that they have changed their background from Google Maps to OSM, as, due to much increased use of their site while Ex Talisman Sabre is on, they had passed their allowed limit for use of Google Maps (28000 /  month) & it was now going to cost them $3000 / month !
> Is there any established "marketing / advertising" link to push OSM for similar sites / groups?
> & yes, they have attributed us correctly! :-)
> Thanks
> Graeme
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