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Sebastian S. mapping at consebt.de
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I meant to add the link to switch2osm, thanks for that.
PS: Message reads fine.
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On 25 July 2019 12:58:58 pm AEST, cameron at dewitte.id.au wrote:
>We have https://switch2osm.org/ which details how to use OSM in place
>of Google maps. In terms of the OP and the incorrect attribution, what
>I assume has happened is that after Google's pricing change they just
>switched out the image source in their existing map embed for
>tiles.osm... resulting in what we see.
>https://operations.osmfoundation.org/policies/tiles/ is OSMs tile
>policy. My general understanding has always been that for small/low
>traffic things using tiles.osm is fine, but for anything that will send
>significant traffic to the tile CDN is probably better off using a
>proper tile service.
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>Hi Gream,
>I've been thinking the same back when Google upped their prices. 
>This is what I understand and I'm happy to be corrected.
>OSM (and their infrastructure) is not intended to be used as tile
>server for (commercial?) Tile consumers. If you search for it OSM has
>in the past disabled access to load hungry tile consumers, think apps
>The idea is that osm provides the data. Tile consumers should either
>engage with a 3rd party that provides tiles (e.g. geofabrik or MapQuest
>or...) Or set up their own tile renderer.
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>On 25 July 2019 8:30:27 am AEST, Graeme Fitzpatrick
><graemefitz1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> OT to this particular problem, but still sort of on this subject ...
>> One of the aircraft tracking sites I use 
>http://aussieadsb.com/VirtualRadar/desktop.html# has mentioned in this
>last week that they have changed their background from Google Maps to
>OSM, as, due to much increased use of their site while Ex Talisman
>Sabre is on, they had passed their allowed limit for use of Google Maps
>(28000 /  month) & it was now going to cost them $3000 / month !
>> Is there any established "marketing / advertising" link to push OSM
>for similar sites / groups?
>> & yes, they have attributed us correctly! :-)
>> Thanks
>> Graeme
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