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Like Warin mentioned, you have government data which indicates roads priority. For NSW that is LPI NSW Basemap, for other territories shp of routes. It is not a deal breaker, but it would be nice to unify the data. Warin example for tertiary roads is just one of them but great one, because if you have two parallel streets, mapper can decide which one road is more important than another just because he/she is using it more frequently. This does not mean that it is of greater importance. Government is the one making the roads so they plan flow of traffic to be as best/fast/safe as it can. Therefore, road classification is important.
If you plan to go from point A to point B almost always you want to travel for less time. So, combination of road class, speed limit, road surface, turn restrictions... is very important in this case. This will make other users life easier. I'm not sure why other users are not using attributes/tags like lanes, surface, smoothness, maxspeed, toll and other attributes which would be of great help to figure out what is the capacity of the road.
Yes, of course that I have checked guidelines, like for example 4wd only which is AU specific, etc. but still there is no unique opinion and guideline for this problem. It is up to the eye/opinion of mapper to set right class. Two-three mappers can have different opinions, but if you have 1000 opinions you make most frequent the right one. This is why I asked for more opinions and because you guys helped me to clear this one up, I will revert motorway to trunk.
Still lot of questions remain, and I would like to keep this discussion open so we can make unique decisions.  Government data is not "The Holly Bible" but it sure is a great indicator of road importance.
I really appreciate that you all dig into this one. Thank you very much!

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