[talk-au] Road hierarchy in Western Australia

Aleksandar Matejevic (E-Search) v-maalek at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 31 11:11:44 UTC 2019

According to:
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Australian_Tagging_Guidelines ,
Primary distributor roads should be mapped as motorway, trunk or primary roads in OSM,
Regional distributor roads should be mapped as trunk, primary or secondary roads in OSM,
Distributor A roads should be mapped as primary or secondary roads in OSM,
Distributor B roads should be mapped as secondary or tertiary roads in OSM,
Local distributor roads should be mapped as tertiary roads in OSM.

Comparing https://catalogue.data.wa.gov.au/dataset/road-hierarchy dataset with current OSM data there is about 2000 roads that do not match above mentioned criteria (of which 1500 are local distributors, so higher classification roads are mapped very good according to gov data).
Correcting road hierarchy on these roads seems reasonable, so all the data will then be unified, but I would appreciate your thoughts about this first. It would be nice if mappers from WA can give their thoughts about this. This can be done in a week and does not require some huge data correction but will correct routing in whole Western Australia.

Some examples:
Toodyay Road is a State Route 50, leading to Perth, and it is mapped as primary road, but Northam-Toodyay Road is a State Route 120, leading to Northam, and it is mapped as secondary. Both look the same and are state route roads, so this one should also be primary, especially because when it enters Northam it is already mapped as primary. Following this route, you will find that Forrest Street is set as trunk which is wrong because it becomes trunk from Peel Terrace - Taylor Street junction.

Here Willowdale Road should be secondary or not?

Here Nanga Road changes classification on Murray Bridge, but is should keep it as secondary?

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