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We've put the challenge with the wrong lane count on invisible and we will improve the output (especially the situation where the count doesn't consider bicycle lanes) and reupload it. Thanks for the feedback!
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•  Fix wrong lane count in Australia & New Zealand: https://maproulette.org/mr3/challenge/3258<https://linkprotect.cudasvc.com/url?a=https%3a%2f%2fmaproulette.org%2fmr3%2fchallenge%2f3258&c=E,1,qVp6j7EtYSA6mtieowazZOYFsejXM2ZR36DUGjf4C8zB2TUwbaz0vwSsjAaPODOrBu4HDur3xj8_CUY3QMd0r4QgG9B5_dBakE2WixDd503oKU65GA8CjOM,&typo=1>

Just to let you know, your test for correct lane count doesn't appear to take into account bicycle lanes. For example:


There are two vehicle lanes and one bike lane so lane=2





The kicker is that the wiki is not clear on how you indicate how many bike lanes there are. The lanes proposal had cycleway:lanes=* but the example on the key:lanes page uses bicycle:lanes=* [1] and vehicle:lanes=* [2], so there isn't an easy way to parse the tags to figure if the lane count is correct.

Maybe the thing to do is make a decision about how we want to tag cycle lanes and then include that in the challenge instructions.

[1] This indicates the legal access for bicycles but not what the infrastructure is eg: designated may be a lane shared with buses (UK).

[2] This doesn't make sense because vehicle=* is the access for all vehicles (which includes bicycles). I think what they meant to use was motor_vehicle:lanes=*
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