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Dion Moult dion at thinkmoult.com
Wed Mar 27 20:56:42 UTC 2019

This site looks fantastic Andrew! You should do a little blog post or something about the under-the-hood on how it all works. That can help others create the same :)

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On 27 Mar. 2019, 11:17 pm, Andrew Harvey wrote:

> I just launched a new map based on OSM data https://www.beyondtracks.com/map/
> It aims to show much more detail at low zoom levels compared to most OSM map styles out there.
> On Tue, 8 Dec 2015 at 18:03, Andrew Harvey <andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I just wanted to share a project I've been working on recently, which
>> provides bush walking information, mainly in NSW.
>> http://beyondtracks.com/
>> Most of the route geometries have come from OpenStreetMap, the
>> basemaps are using OpenStreetMap, I've pulled in points of interest
>> along the walk from OpenStreetMap and the search uses names of
>> features near the walk from OpenStreetMap.
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