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You may also need to check the legislation for NSW

Often bicycles are classified as 'vehicles' under the legislation and are only allowed on designated vehicular roads, purpose built mountain bike trails or designated shared trails which would normally be signposted.

It will also likely differ between states.

Cheers - Phil

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On 12.09.19 09:29, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> "Come for a serious bushwalk or a casual jog, visit a lookout in the
> winter for whale watching off the coast, or break out the binoculars for
> birdwatching. There are cycling opportunities on fire trails and plenty
> of chances to cool off in summer by retreating to a rainforest track."

Specifically for the Lower Escarpment Trail, I found this co-authored by
the NPWS office:


"Lower Escarpment trail ... This unsealed vehicle-width trail traverses
the lush middle slopes between Tarrawanna (Hawthorn Street) and Bulli
(Bulli Pass) ...  Ideal for: fit walkers, joggers and cyclists."

Which clearly seems to indicate that cycling is allowed - would that
include mountain biking? Unsure, this mountain biker web site



"Unlicensed motorbikes have resulted in a number of head on accidents
with riders. ... This route is Unsanctioned, Ride at your own Risk!"


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