[talk-au] Paths in Illawarra Conservation Lands

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Fri Sep 13 15:42:57 UTC 2019


Sorry for the delay replying

> There are indeed some nuances, for example there is general agreement in
> the community not to map the nesting places of rare birds (lest eggs be
> stolen), and a similar general agreement exists for things like women's
> refuges

Ecological damage from the use of unauthorised trails arguably falls  
into the same category. For example there are just 9 calling males of  
the frog species pseudophyrene semimarmorata in Lysterfield  Park,   
this species is thought to be extinct in South Australia and is listed  
as vulnerable in Victoria.  A single unauthorized trail could destroy  
50% of the park's population.

> are there sources that are not restricted by copyright that we could use
> to determine which trails are authorized and which are not?

Unfortunately the easiest source is a map of uncertain copyright. In  
some information signboards they are listed and the information would  
be unrestricted. If you physically there there's little doubt what is  
an illegal trail. A phone call or email would get you the information.

The Park's services and OSM already have considerable goodwill and  
shared purpose, better communication is all that's needed.

Andrew  Davidson wrote

> That's only going to work if they all learn not to use Strava.
The authorities know about Strava and the illegal riders are learning  
not to use Strava

Finally I doubt that any Australian Parks service would ever threaten  
legal action against OSM, an individual might threaten it but the  
people who could authorize it would have more sense.


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